Regional Open Day and Awareness Raising event

On 26.10.2021, in frame of EnerNETMob project - INTERREG MED Program, the Albanian Institute of Transport held in Tirana the activity "Regional Open Day and Awareness Raising Event”.

The event was attended by various actors in the field of electro-mobility:

- Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy as a governmental policy-making institution, which presented the current status of strategies, policies and projects of the Albanian Government in the field of electro-mobility;

- Municipality of Tirana as a local government institution identified by this project as a "best case" in the field of electro-mobility. There are 451 electric vehicles currently in Tirana; 0.2% of the entire fleet of vehicles are 100% electric while 0.4% hybrid. In Tirana, in the last couple of years, the public taxi service transport with 100% electric vehicles has received a boost - 9% of the total taxi fleet are 100% electric, there is a dedicated city transport line with hybrid buses, as well as the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles in the public parking lots of the Municipality of Tirana, where anyone can charge their vehicle free of charge.

- Agency for Energy Efficiency which presented the implementation of a pilot project for the installation of lighting system, parking and charging of electric vehicles in a 2 km segment of the Tirana ring road by installing solar panels for energy production; completion of the feasibility study and project-idea for the installation of charging towers for electric vehicles in Albanian territory; project-idea and feasibility study on electrification of urban and inter-city transport lines in the Municipalities of Tirana, Durrës, Vlora.

- Albanian Post which has implemented the project of ecological fleet to carry out daily postal activity, empowering the fleet of vehicles with 12 ecological cargo vans of which: seven ecological cargo vans, five 100% electric cargo vans and 6 EV charging stations, which are distributed in 4 branches of the Albanian Post. Thus, Albanian Post (Posta Shqiptare) is one of the first national institutions and companies to extend electro-mobility in the logistics chain of goods.

 - Hyundai Albania, as one of the automotive companies in Albania which has traded a large part of 100% electric vehicles circulating today in Albania.

- Tetra Solutions, the Albanian company which with its motto "Make Your City Smart" is the pioneer company in the Albanian market for the supply and installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

- Smart Taxi, the taxi operator in Tirana that has started its activity in 2019 with its fleet of 15 vehicles all 100% electric.

- City Taxi, the leading taxi operator in Albania that operates in the Albanian market since 2014, and since 2020 has in its fleet 30 vehicles 100% electric out of 100 taxi vehicles in total. Clients of taxi operators often express their preference to travel by electric taxis.

The event was a good opportunity to get acquainted with the work and projects of everyone, but also to discuss and propose ideas on overcoming current difficulties and plans for the future. All participants in the activity who have given their valuable contribution to the development and spread of electric transport in Albania and directly to the reduction of CO2 emissions, concluded on the immediate need for the relevant legislation on the development of electro-mobility in Albania as well as the installation and spread of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the Albanian road network as well as in the main transport hubs.