Electromobility Forum: Regional Open Day event organized by ENA, Portugal

On 5 April 2022, in Setúbal, the Electric Mobility Forum opens its doors. This meeting will allow to debate different aspects related to electric mobility, such as its planning and financing, reflect on its current challenges with all the actors involved (manufacturers and users of electric vehicles, energy distributors, companies, researchers, among others) and address, in a differentiated way, electric mobility in the nautical sector.  In addition to the main panels, parallel sessions will take place every 30 minutes, in which ideas and projects related to electric mobility will be presented and debated.

This event will take place at Fórum Luísa Todi (Avenida Luísa Todi, 61-67. 2900-459 Setúbal).

The Electric Mobility Forum is an initiative organised by ENA – Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida under the Interreg MED EnerNetMob project, with the support of UVE – EV’s Users Association and the Municipality of Setúbal”.

More information and registration here
Draft Agenda (Portuguese language) here