ENERNETMOB presented by RAM logistica, Infrastrutture e Trasporti Spa at a conference organized by Lazio Region

Ram Logistica Infrastrutture e Trasporti S.p.a, partner of EnerNetMob project, participated at the conference "Presentation of European territorial cooperation projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy”, that took place in Rome on April 4th 2019 at Lazio Region premises, to foster public awareness on the EnerNetMob activities and their added value.

The event aimed to present to the audience a comprehensive list of projects and initiatives on energy efficiency and renewable energy that currently affects Lazio Region.

During the meeting, Ram illustrated the main activities, challenges and expected results of EnerNetMob project, underlining the positive impact on local and European policies by promoting the use of electric vehicles to reduce GHG emissions and the environmental impact of the transport sector.

Ram also stressed the importance of this kind of project in terms of cooperation among MED countries. As a matter of fact, Enernetmob involves 16 project partners from MED area, this can be considered an important factor in order to create long-lasting form of interregional cooperation and networks.

During the event, it emerged how the know-how and the guidelines for a sustainable electromobility, part of EnerNetMob project’s aims and outputs, are aligned and complementary with the results of the other projects on energy efficiency presented the same day in Rome and can be integrated into a broader context and shared efforts to achieve common results.