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Leading Partner:

Region of Peloponnese-Department of Management for Development Planning, Greece

The Region of Peloponesse is one of the thirteen regions of Greece, covering 11,7% of its total area. It includes the perfectures of Arkadia, Argolida, Korinthia, Lakonia and Messinia. The Regional General division for the development, planning, environment and infrastructure is responsible for the environement and the spatial planning so as to monitor the compliance with the environmental conditions for activities and projects aiming at protecting the environment and implement measures, programs and activities within the Region.


Authority of transport in Malta, Malta

TM is the national authority responsible for transport in Malta. It standardizes and regulates all modes of transport and is responsible for the public transport system, policies and road and port safety and the construction and maintenance of all public transport infrastructure. TM regulates the registration of ships and aircraft under the Malta Flag and administrates ports and yachting marinas. To effectively tackle co-modality, TM has amalgamated the previous Land, Civil Aviation and Maritime Transport Authority as from January 2010. On 2013 TM created Malta National Electromobility Platform to plan and implement electric transport in Malta.


RAM Logistica Infrastructure e Transporti S.p.a., Italy

RAM was founded in 2004, with the aim to implement the National Motorways of the Sea Programme which forms part of the larger Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and specifically focuses on the horizontal priority of Motorways of the Sea (MoS.). The Company, acting as implementing body of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, it also manages national incentives promoting the development of intermodal transport and is involved in the management of European projects related to transport and logistics sector.

In November 2017 the company modified its Statute, converting its name in RAM Logistica Infrastrutture e Trasporti Spa and expanding its functions in the strategic planning and operational support in transport, infrastructural and logistics sector, in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.


Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, Cyprus

The Department of Public Works was established in 1878 and its main competences relevant to the project are: supervision and management of the contracts for the construction and maintenance of road works, including motorways and other primary and secondary roads, contracts for the construction, improvement and maintenance of government and other buildings, Management of the Concession Agreement for the development and maintenance works of Larnaca and Paphos airports, Preparation of traffic studies in urban and rural regions in collaboration with other Government Departments, Local Authorities and Consulting Engineers, construction of road projects, Review of applications for planning and building permits for land division purposes.


Albanian Institute of Transport, Albania

With more than 30 years of experience, the Institute of Transport has accomplished mid and long term studies on transport sector issues and been an active partner in various foreign and regional projects. The thematic competence of the institute are: Transport Studies, Transport Projects, Data Collection and Management, Transport Planning. The main activities of Institute of Transport are:

1. Establishing a transport sector database for each model of transport as well as maintain and update such database.

2.To maintain and update the Albanian National Transport Plan (ANTP) and associated investment programs.

3.Preparing and implementing, national and regional, studies and projects for each mode of transport.


Region of Thessaly-Department of Development and Planning, Greece

The Region of Thessaly occupies the central eastern part of continental Greece with a population 753,888 or 6.9% of the total country population. Its priorities are focused on sustainable rural development, economic growth and employment, sustainability of tourism and improvement of the region’s infrastructure and transport network. The role of the region in the transportation sector is vital since it is crossed by the main growth axis in Greece, also included in the wider European Network of Transports. The Region has long experience in European project management and the design and implementation of relevant ERDF strategies since the Region is also the Managing Authority of the relevant ERDF Programme for 2014-2020 for Thessaly.


County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar, Croatia

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is a unit of local (regional) self-government and in its daily work supports 8 port authorities of county and local importance in balance development of infrastructure, superstructure and services in the ports. Together with local towns and municipalities’ county carries out activities related to balance development of transport, specially maritime transport between sea coast and the islands as well as road, rail and other mode of transport. Furthermore, county encourages programs and projects aimed at education in road safety, monitoring and analysis of traffic safety on public roads.


University of Palermo- Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences, Sicilia Italy

The Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences since decades has developed research projects inherent the economic and environmental sustainability of agri-food and forestry productive and organizational systems, functional interactions insoil-plant-water-atmosphere system specifically with regard to matter and energy balance and fluxes, at any environmental scale, from plot to basin and across most related disciplinary areas, from horticulture to forestry. The SAF department will conduct all laboratory experiments described in the project in its laboratories that are equipped for soil physico-chemical biochemical and microbiological analyses.

Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska Ltd. Nova Gorica, Slovenia

RRA-SP has implemented and monitored regional, national and international projects for more than 16 years. It managed projects in the framework of cross-border and transnational programs in different fields (INTERREG, PHARE, IPA, SEE, CE, Leonardo da Vinci, ALPINE SPACE). RRA-SP has prepared the Regional Development Plan 2014-2020 for Goriska Region for Promoting innovation and Technological development in the economy of the region, safeguard its environment, natural and cultural heritage of the area as well as to stimulate sustainable tourism in the region. RDA's main business is helping local authorities and other public and private bodies of the region with the scope to promote sustainable and responsible regional development.


Energy and Environment Agency of Arrabida, Portugal

ENA represents 3 municipalities of Southern Lisbon area, having created an energy observatory in the scope of which its Municipalities’ SEAPS are developed, implemented and assessed. ENA monitors and evaluates the overall power consumption of its Municipalities’ different services, having the responsibility of designing projects to be locally implemented in the scope of natural resources’ management and optimization of endogenous resources for energy production, energy efficiency in buildings and vehicle fleets, energy management applied to transport systems (rail and road), energy auditing and certification, Municipalities’ Sustainable Energy Action Plans’ elaboration and monitoring, public lighting GIS mapping and efficiency intervention.


Free Municipal Consortium of Ragusa, Sicilia Italy

Established by L.R. 8/2014, the Consortium substituted the old Province of Ragusa by integrating its structures and internal staff. Consortium has tasks on territorial management with tasks also in Energy, Transport, Infrastructures and Regional Planning. Consortium operatively can implement and act public transport policies, energy efficiency measures, territorial infrastructures and upgrading/maintenan ce operations on provincial road network. Previously, as Province, the Consortium participated as Lead Partner or Project Partner in several cooperation Projects in Italia-Malta and MED Operational Programmes.


Dynamic Vision P.C, Athens, Greece

Dynamic Vision is a consultancy company that offers solutions to privately held companies, SMEs, Universities and NGOs on a wide spectrum of professional domains, such as health, environmental, FMCG products, information and technology services. Dynamic Vision is implementing projects varying from training of health care experts to awareness campaigns and market research, business plans and publicity actions.

Dynamic Vision is oriented to offer unique and customized solutions as far as their practices, processes and methodologies are concerned. Competences: lobbying, advocacy, marketing, depth of experience, familiarity with funded projects management, ability to build trust, realistic depiction of project success rate, long term orientation of co-operations and continuous interaction with customers.


Port of Bar Holding company, Montenegro

Professionals from the Port of Bar who will carry out project activities have experiences in implementation international projects and from the knowledge and skills from the daily management and activity of the port and of direct relations with local and national administrations. Furthermore, we point out that the Port of Bar has realized pilot projects in several EU co-financed projects (ADB Multiplatform, TEN Ecoport, Adrimob, Adri Sea Planes, EA Sea-Way, etc.).


CIMNE, International Center for numeric methods in engineering, Barcelona, Spain

CIMNE is a research centre with multiple research groups covering multitude of topics. EnerNETmob is participated by two research groups:

-          The ICT group with a wide experience on developing integrating ICT systems, Platforms, Cloud Services to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, security and environmental sustainability in the Transport Sector. Having participated in a wide range of transport projects with contribution on Management Systems based on web and mobile applications, Multimodal Interoperability E-services, Route planning tools, concrete/hands-on services using technology developments and testing applications and services for fast commercial deployment

-          Secondly, CENIT, is specialized in transportation operations and transport economics specialized in the Public and Urban transportation and the Maritime transport domains. CENIT has participated in a wide spectrum of projects ranging from Demand modelling, Urban traffic simulation, Port operations appraisal and simulation, Capacity calculation, Policy and Investment assessments for transportation infrastructure, etcetera.  


CAPENERGIES, Aix-en-Provence, France

Capenergies is a cluster dedicated to energy sources not producing greenhouse gases. Its network gathers more than 530 members including companies (whose 90% are SMEs), financial actors, research and training organisations, universities, public labs, technical centres, regional authorities and more than 1600 other national and international partners. The cluster’s new motto is “the energy transition actors in the service of sustainable territories”. Strategic activities of the cluster relate to the production, smart management and savings of energy.


FORSCHUNGSGES ELLSCHAFT MOBILITAT - Austrian Mobility Research FGM - AMORGemeinnutzige GMBH, Austria

FGM AMOR is a private non-profit research, consulting and educational organization and one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of mobility research. FGM-AMOR has more than 20 years of experience in national and European research on sustainable transport, offers state of the art know-how and access to the latest European research results and the latest examples in the field of mobility management. FGM-AMOR works for sustainable environmental-friend ly and people-friendly traffic development. Activities include research, consulting, training, and mobility management project implementation.



Associated Partners


A.I.S.B.L. European Platform on Mobility Management, Belgium

EPOMM - the European Platform on Mobility Management (MM) is a network of governments of European countries engaged in Mobility Management. EPOMM is organised as an international non-profit organisation with seat in Leuven, Belgium and assists in the direct transfer of the best policies from EU projects to its member countries and vice-versa. EPOMM fosters the communication and interchange amongst European National Focal Points and to the European level and is providing actual MM highlights in its monthly e-updates As an associated partner in the EnerNETMob project EPOMM will disseminate the EnerNETMob findings towards all EPOMM member states.


Municipality of Volos, Greece

Volos is a coastal port city in the Region of Thessaly situated midway on the Greek mainland, about 330 kilometres (205 miles) north of Athens and 220 kilometres (137 miles) south of Thessaloniki. With a population of 144,449 (2011), it is an important Greek industrial centre.

Region of Thessaly will take actions within the domain of Volos port city in order to support the intermodal sea-road eleetromobility network that will connect islands and urban areas and in particular the port of Volos with the Sporades islands complex. The Municipality will also participate in the open days and conferences, the transferring and the capitalizing activities.


Albanian Railways HSH, Albania

The Albanian Railways HSH is the state-owned operator of the Albanian railway system and shall play an active role together with the Institute of Transport in Albania, to support the general aim of the project in order to increase the capacity to use existing low carbon transport systems and enhance electromobility, increase the use of sustainable transport systems by developing connectivity and low-carbon mobility plans, implementing rail and sea services as well as applications for passengers and freight in the MED territories. The institute will observe and gain knowledge from the project activities in the application of electromobility solutions and will participate in the set-up a joint MED interregional policy for implementing a common model on electromobility.


University “Ismail Qemali” Vlore, Albania

The University “Ismail lQemali” Vlore will support the general aim of the project by contributing to the formulation of common standards and policies for the implementation and changes in urban and regional infrastructure with a special emphasis in electromobility. It will participate in the common project activities for the study and promotion of electromobility, capitalize the project outputs at local and regional level.


Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Montenegro

The Ministry will support the general aim of the project and shall contribute as an observer in the project in order to promote electromobility, enhance the knowledge in low carbon transport and electromobility infrastructures and services and promote investments in carbon transport and elecctromobility infrastructures and services. The Ministry will participate to the communication activities, the study and testing activities and provision of knowhow in issues of transport planning, policy making, investment framework for low carbon electromobility solutions and in experts groups/ networking activities with the port of Luka Bar and other ports in the Adriatic for the promotion of electromobility.


Piraeus Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries, Greece

BEP is one of the three sectorial Chambers of Greece founded in 1925 and is supervised by the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, serving as advisor of the state. It supports its members & SME Stakeholders in their effort for Modernization, Internationalization, Innovation and R&D and Vocational Education-Training, so as to enable them to meet the requirements of the constantly changing conditions within the EU and Global Markets and supports the “Forum of Green and Innovative Entrepreneurship" in cooperation with Chambers, Universities, social partners and policy makers to encourage SMEs on the implementation of environmental practices in their daily operation and supports for production of green products and services. BEP will support the project activities of the Greek Regions and will support the transferring and capitalization of main outputs and results to its member SMEs of the region of West Attica and the greater Piraeus port area.


Intermodal Transport Cluster, Croatia

The Intermodal Transport Cluster will collaborate and support the project partner (Primorje and Gorski Kotar County) in the implementation of the project and pilot project. In particular is interested in supporting the partner in implementation of Sustainability Electro mobility plan and testing of the local electromobility network to manage and monitor public charging infrastructure for electric vehicle, as well as in transferring and capitalizing activities in order to reach a wider dissemination and replication of outputs at local and transnational level.


Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Nova Gorica, Slovenia

The Chamber of Craft and small businesses is an umbrella organisation comprising the craft and small business chamber system. It is independent legal entity managed by craftsmen – officials (functionaries) – on a voluntary basis.

The institute shall contribute as an observer in this project in the following way: it will communicate and disseminate information in its region and it will share the results of the pilots. It will also assist the project by mobilizing local press to get engaged in the project events (Press releases, interviews).


Murcia Region Development agency (INFO), Spain

INFO is the Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors in the Region of Murcia and provides support, promotion and assessment to the local municipalities with the aim of adopting energy efficiency measures, adopting SEAP-SECAPs and promoting compliance with the 2020 and 2030 objectives of the European Union. In particular INFO is deemed to cooperate with other Mediterranean stakeholders also having the responsibility of supporting electromobility and SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan), with a view to improve connectivity of electric vehicles, thus reducing Co2 emissions.


Camara Municipal de Palmela, Portugal

The Municipality belongs to the Region of Setubal and the Metropolitan area of Lisbon. It has 19.500 inhabitatns. It shall contribute as an observer in the EneNETMoB project to support the stakeholders identifying and transferring the most innovative solutions for electromobility, communicating for capitalization and dissemination of results and information, input for the best practices and Policy paper and participation at events. (Note: Our Associated Partner declaration has a carved stamp).


Instituto Eletrotecnico Portugues, Portugal

Our Institute will support the stakeholders identifying and transferring the most innovative solutions for buildings, equipment and systems’ energy consumption monitoring and communicating, observer, participant in networking and dissemination events, collaborate in dissemination.


Palermo Port Authority, Italy

Palermo PA, managing port cluster of seaports of Core and Comprehensive TENT, is interested to create clustering actions with other National and Port Authorities in the field of Directive 2014/94/UE on alternative fuel infrastructures and shall contribute as an observer in the EneNETMoB project.


Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment – Sicily, Italy

The Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment operating in Sicily will provide information requested by the project partner, will participate to the events (Conference, seminars, etc.) organizec within the project, and will support the project partner in the implementation of the project.


Network of Sicilian Social Farms” Social Promotion Association, Italy

The association groups together 89 agribusiness SMEs and farmers in the whole region of Sicily in order to support their association in retail distribution and canvassing. The Association also includes a buying group solidarity for the direct purchase of products by farmers. Through the BEVs and equipment provided by University of Palermo during the testing phase the association will use electric freight transport systems within “food mile” (or so called “Km zero”) and short logistic chain of local distribution of foods from farmers to consumer of different urban areas in order to check the economic feasibility and energy efficiency of electromobility compared to oil fuel transport systems.


Engomi Municipality, Cyprus

It is a Municipality located in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. The Municipality is interested to cooperate with the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works of Cyprus and the EnerNetMob partnership and stakeholders in order to support and collaborate on the application and capitalization of electromobility and SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan), for improving connectivity of electric vehicles, thus reducing CO2 emissions.


Thecamp, France

Thecamp ‘s challenge is to f­ind new approaches to universal issues, and to aggregate people and projects driven by the same will and excitement for the future. It is related with the following programs: Education and facilitation, Collaborative residency, Experimentation, Acceleration and incubation, Collective impact.

The organization is interested in supporting Capenergies in the implementation of the project activities in regards to the communication, transferring and capitalizing of the project results in order to reach a wider dissemination and replication of outputs at local, regional and transnational level.


Sicilian Region, Regional Department of Infrastructure and Mobility, Italy

Regional Department of Infrastructure and Mobility, as Regional Authority responsible for the implementation of transport policies in Sicilian region, will support the UNIPA partners in the design of Electromobility Planning Guidelines in Studying WP. Moreover, in Module 1 Associated Partner will interact with Local Authority for the coordination of policies and pilot actions in the territories of South-Western Sicily. At National level, overall in Transferring WP, Department will interact with RAM SpA, in order to coordinate National Electromobility Policies (i.e. PNIRE - National Plan for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures) and implement alternative fuels measures in regional planning process. Moreover Department is interested to enjoy EU experiences during Transferring and Capitalizing WPs.


Port Authority of Durres, Albania

The port of Durres is located in the project pilot region of Albania. The DPA will participate in the project meetings aiming at defining connectivity and low carbon mobility plans, implementing rail and sea services as well as applications for passengers and freights.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

The University shall contribute as an observer in the communicationactivities and the drafting of “Sustainable Electro-Mobility Plans" according to common planning models following joint strategies and policies on intermodal low carbon transport in MED Area. The instritute  is particularly interested in the activities of the Land Use Analysis of urban systems and their connections, the Overall mid-term and long-term objectives of electromobility systems, the Business model of electric transport services, the Cost/benefit analysis of electric transport services, the Environmental evaluation of electric transport services