The overall objective of the EnerNETMob project is “to enhance capacity to plan and implement “Interregional Electromobility Networks” connecting cities and regions in the Mediterranean area at transnational level with the application of common policies and standards”. EnerNETMob aims to plan, test and promote electromobility plans following common standards for electric transport systems at transnational level, by integrating regional networks of “Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment” (EVSE) using same communication protocols and distributed in the territories in order to allow medium-range interurban and interregional displacements.

Moreover, the project aims to:
- decrease GHG emissions due to transport sector in Mediterranean cities;
- improve the living environment in high density areas;
- improve the mobility and quality of life of populations in contexts of economic crisis;
- improve transnational road-sea multimodal transport services for passengers and freight;
- promote electric transport and logistics as leverages to boost the competitiveness in MED area;
- increase use of renewable energies connected to charging points.

Specific objectives:

• To analyze and implement joint strategies for mobility and urban planning of electromobility systems in the framework of existing regional mobility and intermodal transport networks in the MED region.
The project aims to analyse and define joint strategies for regional/urban planning of “Interregional Electromobility Networks" and electric transport infrastructures/services to be funded by ESI Funds. On the basis of common guidelines and strategies, partners will implement “Sustainable Electro-Mobility Plans" to foresee long term electric transport infrastructures and their integration with existing local mobility and intermodal networks.
The partners will study and plan local electromobility networks including small-scale investments to be realized/upgraded and interconnected at transnational level within the project and considering the potential increase of energy peak-demand and their compensation with RES supply.

• To create regional “Small-Scale Infrastructure Networks" allowing interurban electric transport displacement among cities, rural areas and intermodal terminals in the MED region.
By interconnecting the parallel regional small-scale charging infrastructures, partners will test the feasibility of local EVSE networks to be developed/upgraded in their regions and the criticalities in the interurban and intermodal displacement with BEVs.
In the meantime, by using common ICT charging protocols the partnership will test the transnational integration of several “Small-Scale Infrastructure Networks" within the framework of an overall “Interregional Electromobility Network".

• To share common design guidelines for electromobility systems according to same technical standards and communication protocols.

EnerNETMob aims to create joint guidelines to implement electromobility networks at transnational level, by using same Best Available Technologies as well as International Technical Standard and common communication protocols of charging systems.
Common guidelines will allow all MED areas having the same regional/mobility planning procedures in existing local transport networks, to follow common design standard of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, and to share integrated ICT charging protocols.
The achievement of such objective is the basis to allow a transnational displacement of Battery Electric Vehicle crossing over different States and EV charging services’ providers.